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After more than three decades with Rottweilers, I sometimes think I am part Rottweiler myself. I’ve had eight of my own in that time and fostered dozens more through my work in breed rescue. While each dog is an individual—some are serious, some are more playful, some are social—there are breed traits and facts that you can pretty much expect with a Rottweiler.

Rottweiler Do’s & Don’ts

1. Do not leave your Rottweiler outside when you are not at home.
2. Keep fresh water available to your Rottweiler at all times.
3. Never leave a collar or training device around your Rottweiler’s neck while left unattended.
4. Do not feed your Rottweiler one to two hours BEFORE or AFTER an exercise period. Doing so could cause the dog to bloat and result in death.
5. Always use a pet carrier when transporting your Rottweiler. Never put your dog in the back of a pickup truck.
6. Do not allow children under the age of twelve to be alone with your Rottweiler.
7. Do teach children to be loving and respectful of your Rottweiler.

At what age do I spay or neuter my Rottweiler?

We recommend that you spay at about 2 years old and females should go through a couple full heat cycles first. The longer you wait before spay or neutering your pet will lessen the chance of your Rottweiler getting cancer.

Research from Dr. David Waters DVM, PhD, of  Purdue University has proven that dogs spayed or neutered under the age of 1 year of age have a higher risk of cancer.

Do you dock the tails of your Rottweilers?
We do not dock our tails. It is no longer allowed in all countries. Findings have shown that it is not healthy to crop the tails and is also cruel to the animals. We follow, as everyone should, the mother country of our breed which the German standard for the Rottweiler breed where it is against the law to crop a tail. The Rottweiler needs the tail for better movement and balance. Plus you can see the temperament and how the Rottweiler is feeling by how he/she holds their tail. The docked tail is something of the past. America is the last country to change this. It is also important to note that dogs with cropped tails cannot be shown in most countries.
We breed top quality bloodlines and always have a waiting list for our dogs. A $500.00 binder is required to get you on the waiting list for our dogs and goes towards the price of your puppy.
We take all safety measures to ensure that your puppy is handled with care. Shipping your puppy so you can be an ordeal, but with the help of our shipping experts, it can all go quite smoothly.
Puppy shipping is actually quite discreet, especially when talking about special breeds like Rottweilers.
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Our cheap Rottweiler puppies for sale have allergy-friendly fleece and wool coats. Approximately 50% of our customers have asthma or dog-related allergies and our puppies have achieved a 98% success rate with sufferers. Please note the F1B Generation Rottweilers are suitable for allergy/asthma sufferers because they do not shed.

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