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We are a code of ethics Rottweiler breeders of healthy, correct in type, well-tempered, intelligent, attractive, giant and cheap Rottweiler puppies for sale near me. We are dedicated to carrying on the Von and Johnsons breeding program on our Rottweiler bloodline which lives longer and has fewer genetic defects. Visit our shelter to find cute Rottweiler puppies for sale near me.
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Our cute Rottweiler puppies excel in all aspects of training and have beauty and brains. When you buy Rottweiler puppies from Rottweiler Spot Home, be prepared to have a smart, spoiled, true to type and very easy to train puppy. We have the finest quality Rottweiler fur babies who are our LOVE, HOBBY, and OUR CHILDREN waiting to have their homes with health GUARANTEED. Our cute Rottweiler puppies for sale are from us and co-breeders so the puppies are born in homes and the mothers are spoiled along with the puppies.

Quality Rottweiler Breeder

We have been committed to raising Quality Rottweiler Dogs and Puppies for sale since 2002. Proud to be the “Silver Breeder of Merit” with the American Kennel Club though it has been on and off for us. We breed to the AKC standard, and we pride ourselves in our high Morals and Ethics. Our main purpose as a Rottweiller Breeders is to raise healthy Rottweiler for adoption to the AKC standard. Our cute rottweiler puppies can grow into Rottweiler Therapy Dogs & Rottweiler Service Dogs. You’re welcome to rehome or make a deposit to reserve a puppy.

New Litters and Puppies Available


Female – Rottweiler Puppy


Male – Rottweiler Puppy


Female – Rottweiler Puppy


Male – Rottweiler Puppy

Why Buy Rottweiler Puppies From Us

Our Services

Professional Training

We work in AKC Registry with trainers from all over the U.S.A. so we are more than willing to help you locate a trainer for the recommend positive Dog-Friendly training

Lifetime Health Guarantee

We take pride in our World Champion pedigrees and offer a 2 year FREE replacement Puppy Adoption Contract and prorated LIFETIME guarantee for hereditary defects

Extensive Veterinary Testing

We are outstanding as the few giant rottweiler puppies for sale near me breeders, in the USA that do Extensive DNA testing to ensure you receive a decent healthy puppy in your family for the first time.

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Our Mission

Our puppies are from champion backgrounds with great disposition. With their adorable sweet personalities, intelligence, and non-shedding will fit right in with the family. We take pride in placing our cute rottweiler puppies in households that will provide a healthy, loving, nurturing environment for our pups.
Each year before their birthday we send a birthday card, and do a follow-up to ensure the well being of the rottweiler standards. We believe owning this breed comes with priorities and responsibilities. We are able to accept those responsibilities and balance them with unconditional love and dedication. Now you must decide if you are to be a proud owner of this exceptional breed. If you are looking for places where to buy rottweiler puppies, Rottweiler Spot Home is the best place. We are a one-stop solution to all you queries related to rottweiler for adoption, buy rottweiler puppies or cheap rottweiler puppies for sale. Contact us today to buy rottweiler puppies for your family.

Get Involved

We understand that when you make a decision on getting a Rottweiler puppy you will be adding a new member to your family. That is why we temperament test and evaluate all cute Rottweiler puppies for sale so that we can help you choose the puppy that will become your next family member.

Upcoming Litters

Sept 24 - 9 Rottie Puppies Expected

Contact Us We are preparing our fall litters. This is from the repeated breeding of Jaguda and Sirah x Priscilla and Elsa.

Sept 25 - X-mas Litter of Rottweilers for sale!

Rottweiler litters which would be available for Christmas are fully reserved shortly after birth so an early reservation is needed to select the perfect Rottweiler puppy for your home.

Cheap Rottweiler Puppies for Sale

Puppies Available


Male Rottweiler Puppy (Smart)


Rottweiler Puppy Female (Brave)


Male Rottweiler Puppy (Playful)

Rottweiler For Adoption Notes


The Rottie is brave, powerful, calm, trainable, and devoted to its owner and family. Loyal and protective, it will defend its family fiercely if needed, apparently immune to pain. Rottweillers needs owners who are strong and able to handle this dog’s massive size. The Rottie is a docile, natural guard dog with a laid-back, reliable temperament. It is highly intelligent and has proven its worth beyond question in police, military and customs work over many centuries and can be trained for competitive obedience. Because of its size, training should begin when the dog is a small puppy.

Find the Perfect Rottweiler Puppy

We choose our Rottweilers not only for correct structure and sound mind but with an emphasis on sound health history and longevity. We’re blessed with the parents of the healthy Rottweiler puppies born in each litter. Our cute rottweiler puppies experience sensory stimulation and socialization with children and other animals from birth to give our rottweilers a solid foundation for sound temperament and character. We offer a full written health and hip guarantee on all of our rottweiler puppies for sale and are totally committed to our customer’s satisfaction.

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Get information on upcoming litters of male and female Rottweiler puppies with full breeding rights & tail.